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To begin: Come into a comfortable position, seated with the spine tall or laying down, and start to focus on your breath. Feel the breath come in and out of our energetic heart center, the center of the center of the chest.

Do this for several moments, allowing your mind to go where it will and bringing it back to focusing on the breath as many times as you need to.

As you start to feel more relaxed in your being, start to picture a bright, sparkling, golden light shining down on you, enveloping your entire body. The golden light extends around you, like a blanket. Allow feelings of safety, peace, and serenity to wash over you as the golden light shines stronger and stronger, spreading outwards from your body.

As we enter into this place of safety and peace, we will now invite that which is dark to come forward.

Picture in your minds eye, a door. Take a moment to explore what this door looks like. Is it locked? Large? Small? Are there windows? Behind this door are the parts of ourselves we view as dark, or negative, our shadow side. With a deep breath, anchoring into our security, we are going to open this door and allow the darkness to come into our being.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Now open the door. Allow the darkness to come into your being. At this point, the golden light is still surrounding you and the darkness you contain. You may see the color black within the golden veil. You may have sensations occur, or words or images may come into your mind. Allow them all. If you are experiencing any sensations, just notice them and observe. If there is an inner-dialogue going on, notice it, and observe. Any imagery going on, notice it and observe. Recognize that it is safe to experience this darkness, to feel it in your body and to see it and hear it in your mind. Notice any resistance that is coming up around the darkness, know that it is all perfect.

Now that we have allowed the darkness into our being, we are going to shine a light on it and integrate it. Remember that the integration is happening on an energetic level, trust that it is occurring and that you don’t need to intellectualize it at this time.

Breathing in to the heart center, start to allow a bright light to appear coming from the center, of the center of your chest. Perhaps the light is a bright white light, perhaps it is golden, or maybe even a green or pink color. However it shows up for you, know that this is your inner light that is always present. It’s the spark of hope that is always there, even in the darkest times, it is that brief smile when we are feeling intense sadness. Place your intention on this light and let it grow stronger. Let it grow brighter and brighter, spreading out throughout your entire being.

See the light mixing with the darkness that has been let in. Let it swirl and dance with the darkness, adding light into your being. Perhaps you now see the darkness as gray rather than black. Maybe you see streaks of color within the black. However it appears for you, enter the state of knowing that your heart energy is mixing with that which we have labeled as dark. As the light spreads and swirls and dancing in your being. The door we opened earlier disappears. There is no need to put the darkness away. It is openly accepted and loved as a beautiful part of you. As you continue to visualize this heart light shining throughout your being, say to yourself three times, “I love and accept all parts of my being.”

After the third time, see that bright golden light shining down on you, starting at your crown and enveloping the entirety of your being. See it grow brighter, expand further. Let it fill you with happiness, with joy, with peace, with acceptance, and with a deep feeling of safety.

It is safe to be exactly who you are, right this very moment.

Bathe in this light for a few more breaths in and out of the heart center.

Now start to feel your body where you are in space time right now. Feel your toes, your calves, your thighs, your hips and pelvis, your sacrum, lower back, belly, chest, upper back, your arms, your fingers, your neck, and your head. As your attention drifts to your eyes, allow them to open and come back to the present moment with all of you, knowing you are loved unconditionally for who you are right at this very moment.

~Mindful Journaling for Healing~

When in doubt, write it out.

Journaling is a simple tool that can have profound effects on our health, well-being, and healing journey. Click through the below prompts based on what you are needing in your life right now for inspiration.

Take a few moments to deep breathe, breathing in fully and completely into your belly and exhale fully and completely, sighing out any tension.

Start writing about five things you are grateful for. You can write this out free-form, write it as a list, whatever feels good to you.  If you start writing in list form, let it evolve into a free write where anything can come out with the intention of keeping the writing focused on gratitude.


WHY THIS WORKS: Gratitude journaling is a powerful technique to help the brain start thinking in a more positive manner. What we focus on, we see more of. This is due to not only the spiritual law of attraction, but because of how the brain works! Start journaling on what you are grateful for daily to see huge shifts in how you think, feel, and what you manifest in your life.

Take a few moments to deep breathe, breathing in fully and completely into your belly and exhale fully and completely, sighing out any tension.

Start listing out everything you accomplished today. Maybe it’s “I went to work, I took a shower, I went for a walk.” Maybe it’s “I got out of bed, I listened to a song I love.” Just start listing it out, as you do, you’ll notice you did more than you feel like you did.

WHY THIS WORKS: Often times our thoughts are not based in reality, we under-estimate our contributions on a daily basis and this can make us feel lousy about ourselves and really put a damper on self-confidence. By taking the time to acknowledge your hard work on a day to day basis to be a human, you can start to recognize and appreciate just how much you do for yourself and the world. Do this daily until you start to feel an increase in self worth.

Take a few moments to deep breathe, breathing in fully and completely into your belly and exhale fully and completely, sighing out any tension.

Imagine you just won the lottery. You have no bills to pay, no responsibilities, and are adequately rested and refreshed. What’s next? Free write about what your daily routine would look like and what you imagine yourself doing with your time.

After you have spent a sufficient amount of time in this awesome fantasy reality-(which exists on a vibrational level!)-go back and read what you wrote. What can you start to incoorporate into your daily life now? Do you fantasize about doing yoga on the beach every morning? Try starting a daily yoga practice, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day. Do you fantasize about going to fancy restaurants? Look for some new recipes to try at home.

WHY THIS WORKS: We can get really bogged down by the responsibilities we seem to have and not remember how to have fun. This exercise is all about seeing where your joy lies and how to bring more of it into your life. It’s not the destination. Make the journey as pleasant as you can every day by incorporating things that bring you joy into your life.

Take a few moments to deep breathe, breathing in fully and completely into your belly and exhale fully and completely, sighing out any tension.

Start a letter to your child self. “Dear ____” Imagine yourself at any age you choose, 5, 10, 13, and just write to that version of yourself, showering them with unconditional love and whatever you feel like you are lacking in the present moment.

WHY THIS WORKS: Most of the time when we are hurting, there is a part of us still rooted in our childhood that needs to heal. Allow this area of yourself to heal by holding space for them in the present moment. Whatever hurt you are feeling right now can be lessened by finding that hurt in your younger self and helping to heal it.

~Books that will Change Your Life~

This book literally changed my life. Dr. Joe’s explanations of Quantum Physics gave me permission to change the way I looked at the world. All of a sudden there were so many possibilities. His use of neuroscience, quantum physics, and mindfulness, provides a useful framework for starting to change the way you think and act.

This was the first book I read exploring past lives and it helped me overcome my human fear of death. The possibilities explored in this book through documenting regression hypnosis are so incredibly freeing.

A beautiful exploration of what truly matters in life, the present moment. If you open your mind and allow his words to sink in, nothing will look the same to you.

~Downloadable PDFs~

This downloadable PDF is a technique I like to call Conscious Thought Re-framing, which is based on CBT and mindfulness. CBT is a type of therapy that helps you work on identifying and changing maladaptive thought patterns, (which everyone has to some extent.) This technique is helpful for anyone and is especially helpful for dealing with anxiety and depression. ~Please download the free CBT worksheet below to go along with this handout.~

(Please note this is for educational purposes only, please consult your mental health professional when dealing with clinical anxiety and depression.)

Download  CBT Handout HERE

While working with patients as a mental health nurse, I could never find the specific worksheet I was looking for for CBT, so I made one of my own that is based on CBT and mindfulness, and also starts to introduce the idea of somatics. Please download a copy, experiment with it, and continue to use it if it works well for you! ~Please donload the free CBT handout to go along with this worksheet.~

(Please note this is for educational purposes only, please consult your mental health professional when dealing with clinical anxiety and depression.)

Download CBT Worksheet Here

~Free Course~

Please enjoy this free course I developed based off the step by step process I used to put my anxiety, depression, and autoimmune disease into remission.



First of all, HeartMath is awesome. In short, HeartMath is a system with bio-feedback devices and mindfulness techniques to help people self-regulate by improving their heart-rate variability. I incorporate HeartMath techniques in every Reiki session and Energy ‘therapy’ session.

Download my explanation the importance of heart rate variability here.

If you are new to meditation and mindfulness, I HIGHLY recommend one of the bio-feedback devices found on the HeartMath website, as well as their free introductory course.

Try this simple Heart Coherence technique:

Start by deepening and slowing your breathe, breathing in a little deeper and a little slower than your typical pace.

Now focus your attention on your heart center while maintaining the deep breathing.

Lastly, cultivate a positive emotion. Maybe you think of something or someone you love, something funny, or even the taste of a favorite food.

Maintain this emotional state while keeping your focus on your heart center for a few more breaths.

Great job! You have just put your body into a more coherent state.