Once upon a time there was an old soul who had lived hundreds of lives on planet Earth and many more lives on other planets in our known solar system and beyond. This soul thought she was done with incarnations and was blissfully existing in a star cloud when she was told it was time to go to Earth again.

This soul choose parents that would help her grow into a more loving and compassionate being, and parents who needed her help with their own Earth lessons.

She choose circumstances to further challenge her spiritual development; poverty and homelessness to grow her root chakra, awkwardness and autistic spectrum traits to help her strengthen her solar plexus chakra, health issues to help her re-awaken to her true nature, and relationships for growth on all levels.

She chose to re-awaken through the body, manifesting a spectrum of physical and mental health issues to guide her back to the discovery of her soul and source consciousness. It was through her search for symptom relief that she started to re-discover who she was and explore her inner world. This exploration took her on a path of exploring holistic approaches to health and wellness and then metaphysical approaches.

When she was guided to Reiki, she re-opened her crown chakra and was able to start her true journey of embodying heaven on Earth by transcending polarity.

Her mission, (and YES she chose to accept it!) is to heal her human self on all levels, and through doing this, help heal the world.

A teacher in many lives, she chooses to be of service by lighting the way for other humans to heal themselves, THAT is what led her here, to create this website, to offer Reiki, and to share what has helped her in the hopes that it will help others. And WE KNOW that it will.

Melinda smiling

Hi friend, please feel free to check out my Instagram to learn more about who I am as a human-person level, and my ongoing healing journey.